Saturday, September 13, 2014

At Carlyle Lake - Dam West (again)

We are back camping again. The weather has changed a lot since last week. It's been cool, 45 - 65, a big difference since last week.
Doing the usual things.
I went for a bike ride yesterday into town. Look where I found my truck, imagine that.
Eating good, bike riding and enjoying life. We are going to be here for several days, like maybe 12. 

Moved today to a lake front site. Carol's brother Jack and his wife Patty joined us today.

Still doing the same things. Visiting, eating good and bike riding.

A nicer day today, sunshine and blue skies.

A Buzzard?

 A green worm or whatever

A beautiful day today. Jack and Patty left today and we moved to another site. 

Friends, Roger and Michelle picked up a new Open Range travel trailer today. Very nice!

The weather was beautiful today. We started today like most days with a 10 mile bike ride. 
We hung out and of course I ate good.

Look, mashed potatoes

 Even cake from the neighbors!

We had a good time in the last 12 nights out camping. I was able to get in 152 miles on my bike, that makes 687 miles for the year. I started in April.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Boulder Campground, Carlyle Lake September 01 - 05

We left one campground and moved here. Enjoyed the spot overlooking the marina and seeing all the birds. 

Of course we did some bike riding.

One of the best things about this campground are the sunsets. I took so many pictures it's hard to decide the best ones.

Boulder's Sheriff came to visit:

We have always enjoyed this campground, I'm sure we will be back.