Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Carlyle Lake, Dam West Campground

We are back again. Only this time everything looks different. The lake is way up and several campsites are under water. Luckily our site is high enough. Now we have a lake view across the street instead of other campers.

We planned to stay 7 nights and then go home for 3 nights and then go to Coles Creek Campground. We checked our site for next week and it's under about 6' of water. Then I got a notice from the Corps of Engineers that reservation was cancelled. 

I don't know how fast the lake will go down and how long it will take them to get the sites ready. Some transformers and electric boxes are under water. We have more reservations here later too.

We may be broadening our campground stays to other places.

We extended our stay here a couple days since no one was coming on our site. We still had a good time doing the usual. Bike riding, eating, relaxing, visiting, and playing games.

We are not sure where or when our next trip is but it probably won't be long.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Boulder Campground, Boulder IL

We just spent a few days at one of our favorite campgrounds. 
We like this site by the marina so we can watch the boats come and go.

We did some bike riding.

Ate good, of course.

Did a little fishing, but we didn't do any good.

Carol made a bracelet instead of fishing

Took pictures of birds.

We had a visitor in his nice car.

I had to rest one day in a hammock, retirement is a good thing.

We played a couple games of Fast Track, Carol was the winner of course.

As always, the sunsets at this campground are great.

We will return.