Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Carlyle Lake, IL Dam West Campground

We are back here again for 10 days, this may be our last trip of the year.  

Craig came one night and visited. We went out for dinner, had cookies and ice cream around the campfire, bike rode and had a good time.

Pfeil's came by and visited too.

We are doing the usual things, having fun.

Eating good too

I even spotted an Aliner Alite

Fun & Games

A very nice 10 days. We got to visit with a lot of friends and I got in over 100 miles on my bike. A successful trip.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Piney Campground, near Dover, TN.

We just spent the last 5 days at this campground. This was an event we were invited to that is really for fiberglass trailers. Like Scamps, Casitas, Escapes, Olivers, Egg Campers, etc. But we know the rally-master and he invites everybody. He had 52 units here. Mostly fiberglass plus three Aliners, one tent, and us. 

This was our third year in a row for this event. We always enjoy this one.

We did a little bike riding

Several "classes" on camping related things

We had live snakes demo and we got educated on snakes

Dutch Oven cooking class

Open house on all the trailers. It's always interesting to see how others do things.

Nice Fire ladies!

We had a good time and plan on coming back next year.