Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fast Track Party

We were invited to Al & Arleen's house, in Lebanon, IL today for a get together and to play Fast Track. This was with all of our camping friends. It was good to see everybody.

We had a lot of good food and a good time.
Plus we got to take a break from painting.


Since we have had so much trouble with the basement flooding we may move. So we had a Realtor come over. Carol asked him for suggestions on selling our house. First we have to have the sewer company fix our problem. Then we can disclose that we had basement backups in the past but the problem is now fixed. That may be months away. Also he suggested painting the whole house a neutral color. Carol has always like bold colors, or as Craig called it the Skittles look. He also suggested to      de-brass the house. Change all the door knobs, hinges, closet door handles, etc. to brushed nickel. That's what we have been doing for the last month. And probably for the next month too. 

I even had our electric service box replaced too. 

I got bids on a new roof but haven't done anything with that yet. It's not leaking, just old.

We have painted closets that I don't think have been painted since the house was built in 1974.

All things that needed to be done anyway but if we want to sell we have to. 

The good thing is everything is getting fixed up and it's the right time of the year. If it was camping season I would not want to be doing this stuff.

A contractor is supposed to start fixing the basement soon. 

Floods all over

The day after Christmas we got a backup again in our basement. I had a pump running on and off for three days, it kept coming in. We didn't get much sleep for three days.
Because of the pump we only lost the basement carpet, vanity, sheet vinyl and one small section of drywall. We kept the pump going plus Craig came and helped us move things and put things up on wood, etc. 

In three days we had 9.4" of rain. The most ever for this area.

I-44 was closed at Hwy 141, 141 was closed, and eventually I-55 was closed. Fenton was marooned, nobody could get out.

I wanted to check on our camper at the storage lot but the roads to get to it were closed. 

When the water dropped a little we got to our camper. They had moved every camper from ours down. The water got up to our tires but stopped there.

We also drove over to our favorite campground, Dam West at Carlyle Lake. Totally flooded, we hope it goes away by April.

Since we were there we decided to go to the Fish house to eat.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day

We were invited to Mike & Dechelle's house again. It was a great time.

Lots of good food and desserts.

Most of the gifts were not so good but it's always fun. 

Thanks again to Mike & Dechelle for a great time!

Then we had to swing by Kevin's house for a few minutes.

Then when we get home a neighbor, Kim, brought us a wonderful plate of goodies. Just what I needed!